Military Engraved Rifles

Thank you for visiting. Before you get too far, I want to introduce myself.

I am a proud husband and father of two. I’m also a former Army Infantryman/OIF & OND veteran and also a FFL Dealer.

I originally had the idea to do a custom Henry Rifle order for the men I was deployed with. I specifically chose Henry because of their beautiful firearms and well built reputation.

While working directly with Henry Repeating Arms designing the engraving, I found enjoyment in having a hand in creating a lasting heirloom that these men would have to pass down through their families. I brought the idea to the Society of the 1st Infantry Division (as I am a life member) and we began working together from there.

I hope you enjoy the designs enough to add one (or two) of these beautiful rifles to your collection!

-William D. Everhart

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